Wholistic gastrointestinal doctors office Dr. Steenfatt

We did open our wholistic gastrointestinal doctors office in march 2020. We are located in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bad Oeynhausen, Klosterstraße 25. We would like to take a moment to introduce our ambulant wholistic gastrointestinal health approach.

Core area

1. Gastrointestinal health counsel and gastrointestinal symbiosis control and nutritional counsel of patients with obstipation, diarrhoea, meteroismus, prevention of colorectal cancer as well as abdomen sonography examination, Gastro- and colonscopy.

2. Diagnostic & treatment of patients with stool incontinence – anorectal end-sonography, pelvic floor sonography in cooperation with physiotherapist, biofeedback training + sphincter training and nutritional counsel.

3. Cancer of the colon: consultation-hour familiar colon cancer risk, consultation-hour human genetics counsel, colon cancer screening/counsel, intestinal microbiome examination.

4. Colon health supervision: intensiv counsel including TANITA health analysis, sport mentoring and nutritional support.


Why a private doctor’s practice?

The key findings in regard to the additional value of a wholistic gastrointestinal health therapy are relatively new and will currently only partiell be covered by the statutory health insurance.


Every patient is welcome in our doctors office!

Due to my medical experience as a coloproctologist and my long standing gastrointestinal occupation I acquired the perception that the best possible treatment of most colon related disorders is severely limited with only health insured covered treatment. Our main focus lies on an individual and best possible wholistic therapy to prevent major surgery and the restoration of a health colon. Most colon related – if timely diagnosed – can be treated before serious consequential illness occur.

Our common ambition is to get the colon of our patient back into balance. Following the medical examination we devise an individual wholistic lifestyle management in regard to your needs and challenges. In our doctors office we aim to combine academic medicine with the wholistic therapy to pave our patients the way to an unburdened daily routine. To achieve this we have our focus on discomfort like stomachache, constipation, diarrhoe, feeling of incomplete bowel defaecation, stool incontinence, blood in the stool, itchiness around the anus, bloated stomach, irritable colon syndrome. If necessary our wholistic gastrointestinal therapy will include the collaboration with external therapist and additional medical specialists.

Our team comprises colon and nutritional therapists, anti stress therapists, motivational trainer, wellness- and aryuveda message therapist as well as sport therapist and physiotherapist (Osteopathie, sphincter training) whose services could partial be covered by statutory health insurance. We offer every patient an individuell coordinated therapy plan. In addition we cooperate with the gastrointestinal and surgical department of the local hospital. 

My experience from working with specialized medical teams in the USA teached me that superior results can be achieved by highly specialized experts working in concert with each other for the patient. My longtime experience backed by newest studies prove that gastro-intestinal diseases are not restricted to elderly people. More and more young humans are affected by a.m. sufferings and the numbers of patients falling ill with colon cancer is rising. Therefore the prevention of cancer and early diagnoses and a timely treatment is an affair of the heart for me and my team. After our preventive measures we strive to finde an individuell solution for more good health, performance enhancement and health related quality of life.

We will discuss the necessity of an academic medical examination in an individual conversation. The gastrointestinal examination, ultrasonic testing as well as an additional stool examination take the center of all measures to diagnose or exclude a colon disease and to start planing your individual therapy.

If you have any questions regarding our wholistic gastrointestinal therapy you can contact the DarmGesundheitspaxis Dr. Steenfatt by mail:


Our staff will contact you.

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